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    • I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Ministry, to thank you most sincerely for your kind hospitality and support, and that of your staff for the splendid breakfast buffet put on in honor of the International Peace Day celebrations at the Hotel Mendana. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to your staff members especially we want to make mention of Ms. Nelly for her great support. Indeed, it was a great success that we were able to host the Hon. Prime Minister in delivering the keynote address and also the presence of our regional partners in peace building during the celebrations. We look forward to working closely with your organization and other peace stakeholders in future national peace events. Thank you!  
    • Under Secretary, Mrs. B M Fakarii (Sep 2012
    • I think the hotel should be very proud of Housekeeping and Reception staff. Always friendly, helpful, hard-working, respectful and trust worthy. I hope you look after them as they look after your guests. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for your comment! Yes, we will make sure to look after our staff!
    • Mr. B.S. (June 2012)
    • Many thanks to you and your staff for the excellent arrangements in making the 9th Meeting of Ministers of Health of Pacific Island Countries such a great success. We really appreciated the courtesy and patience of your staff in their work with us. I would like to thank you in person but I am currently out of the country on my way to Geneva for another meeting and will not return to 13th July. Best regards,
    • Dr. Juliet Fleischl (July 2011)
    • A photograph sent to us from our recent guest, Mr. Tarada. The two friends from Japan stayed with us for two nights, and took our Guadalcanal War Memorial Tour. This picture was taken by his friend at Vilu Village War Museum. Thank you for visiting Solomon Islnads! and We wish to see you again, soon!!!
    • Mr. TERADA (June 2011)
    • Hello to the best hotel in Honiara!!! Thanks for the wonderful time! and I hope we will see us again in the future!! All the best and greetings to Chef Adolf!!!
    • Helmut
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