• Honiara City Tour

    Honiara City Tour

    Full day or half-day tours around the City of Honiara can be arranged upon request. The tour will visit the National Museum, Parliament, Central Market, Honiara Port, Churches, China Town, US Memorial, Mt. Austin Japanese Peace Memorial, Betikama Vocational School and Craft Center, Honiara Botanical Garden and near-by beaches.

  • Guadalcanal War Memorial Tour

    Guadalcanal War Memorial Tour

    Guadalcanal War Memorial Tour

    Visit major battle field and memorial sites in Guadalcana Major Sites:

    - Red Beach ~ Tetere Beach (US Landing Point)
    - Alligator Creek
    - Tenaru School
      (US Hospital Ruin, Japanese Monument)
    - Henderson Airport
    - Mt. Austin Japanese Peace Memorial
    - Skyline U.S. War Memorial Monument
    - Gifu Ridge, 903 Hill, Sea Horse Ridge, Bloody Ridge
    - White River, Poha River, Umasani River
    - Nana Village Japanese Monuments
    - Bonegi Beach Japanese Freighter Kinugawa-Mau
    - Viru Village War Museum, Ranadi War Museum
    - Tambea Beach ~ Cape Esperance

  • Diving & Snorkeling Tour

    Diving & Snorkeling Tour

    Diving & Snorkeling Tour

    There are beautiful diving & snorkeling sites near Honiara. Our hotel can arrange diving & snorkeling excursions upon request. The water temperature around Honiara is a constant 28~30C year-round with great visibility most days.

    Discover "Iron Bottom Sound". Dive through the WW2 wrecks, colored tropical fish and beautiful coral life. Diving gear can be rented from local operators. If you are not a diver but are interested, you can also take a open water certification course.

    Major Diving Sites around Honiara:

    - Bonegi Beach 1 - Japanese Ship (Hirokawa-maru)
    - Bonegi Beach 2 - Japanese Ship (Hirokawa-maru)
    - Ruaniu Beach - Japanese Ship (Kyushu-maru)
    - Doma Beach - American Fighter Plain (B-17)
    - Visale Beach - Japanese Submarine (I-1 Submarine)

  • Cruise


    Charter a boat for your fishing cruise or a catamaran yacht for a romantic sunset cruise.
    We can help you arrange a boat/canoe rental to meet your needs and budget.
    The breathtaking view of endless cobalt-blue of Iron Bottom Sound, or islands fading in twilight orange and purple, can only be truly appreciated on the water.

  • Savo Island Excursion

    >Savo Island Excursion

    Savo, an active volcanic island, lies about 30km in north-east from Honiara. There are about 3,000 inhabitants living on the island, sharing the same tribal language. There are a few eco-lodges with an accommodation facility including food preparation on the island. The friendly staff of these secluded eco-lodges along with the hammocks on the beach, make the island an ideal weekend getaway form Honiara.
    On Savo, you can take a tour to see the Megapode birds which lay eggs on the volcanic sandy beach, or a dolphin cove where schools of wild dolphin give birth and raise their young year-round. You can also take a trek to a small waterfall or visit one of the near-by local villages.

  • Day Trip to Florida Islands

    Day Trip to Florida Islands

    The Florida Islands (often called Nggela Islands) are situated directly north of Honiara. They are made up of four large islands: Big Gela (or Nggela Sule), Small Gela (or Nggela Pile), Buena Vista Island, Sandfly Island and 50 other surrounding small islands.
    The old capital of the country, Tulagi is in the center and entrance to the Florida Islands. You can find provincial government offices, the police station, post office, main port, market and a few lodges and restaurants in town. There are also several war memorial sites such as the Blue Beach where the first US soldiers' landed.
    Sandfly Passage, the channel between the Big Gela and Sandfly Island, is a famous destination for divers and snorkelers. Through this passage of crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, you can find local resorts such as: Maravagi Resort, Anuha Resort, Nughu Resort, and Sauraghi Eco-Lodge, along the northern coast of the Florida Islands.

  • Trip to Malaita Province

    Trip to Malaita Province

    The famous indigenous instrument, the Bamboo Pipe of the Solomon Islands, is largely from Malaita Island, where many interesting traditions and customs can be found.
    A distinctive feature of the Malaita Island is the large number of artificial islands made by pieces of shells and corals, particularly in the Langa Langa and Lau Lagoons. In the old days, shell money was used as traditional currency in these areas where they are still being made and exchanged today. This shell money is highly regarded and plays a key role in rituals such as weddings or official and formal functions.
    In some coastal areas in Malaita, there are tribes who use sacrificial pigs to feed sharks, believing in and worshipping the shark as their totem. They believe that people are protected by them.
    There are also the Kwaio people, who even today, live in the isolated mountain areas of the east-central region of Malaita. They have been rejecting the western world and modern ways of life and still practice "magic" and wear traditional dress.

  • Resorts in Western Province

    Resorts in Western Province

    Many places of the favoured tourist destination in the country probably are in the Western Province. Naturally there are many domestic airports that provide easy, daily access from Honiara to the international resorts on the different islands of the Western province. Services and amenities provided by the resorts include hot showers and air-conditioning. Places such as the Kennedy Island where John F. Kennedy drifted during WW2, or the Skull Island where the traditional skull shrines are still sacredly kept and respected, can be found around Munda and Gizo.
    New Georgia Islands, famous for its beautiful coral reefs and tropical lagoons, is an ideal destination not only for divers, snorkelers or kayakers, but also those who truly seek the tranquility and solitude of the small eco-lodges.
    The Sunbis Resort or Fatboys Resort in Gizo, or Uepi Islands Resort near Seghe are some of the higher-end hotel resorts. There are also many budget-friendly eco-lodges with friendly and hospitable staffs.
    The most favored souvenirs in the Solomon Islands, traditional wood carvings with shell inlays, are also from the Western Province.

  • Golf


    The Honiara Golf Club offers a beautiful 18-hole golf course along a 6,000 meter stretch of land. The golf course is open most days from 7:00am ~ 6:00pm with the exception of a few Saturdays when there is a club member's competition. The green-fee for non-members is $150.00(SBD) for 18 holes, and $75.00(SBD) for 9 holes. The hotel has Golf Club sets that can be rented upon request (only clubs, no gloves nor shoes). Caddies can also be hired for about $50.00 for 18 holes at the Golf Club.

    - Honiara Golf Club / Tel: 30181 or 30582 /
    P.O. Box 195, Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • Casinos


    There are two casinos in Honiara.

    - Honiara Casino / Tel: 26288
    Close to the Hotel and the city center
    Business Hours: 10:30am ~ 10:00pm
    Black Jack x / Poker x / Baccarat x / Roulette /
    Slot Machines x 20

    - Supreme Casino / Tel: 25009
    Inside the Pacific Casino Hotel
    Massage Service, Karaoke Rooms also available
    Business Hours: 8:00pm ~ 3:00am
    Black Jack x 5 / Poker x 2 / Baccarat x 2 / Roulette /
    Slot Machines x 30

    VIP Room